usb erupter tutorial

usb erupter

Getting the USB Block Erupter working on Windows 7

Test Build: Windows 7 x64

USB to Serial drivers:

If you are accustomed to the nuances of cgminer, maybe it is time to learn bfgminer, because it was WAY EASIER to get these working on my Win7 test build. I’m not hating on cgminer at all; I love cgminer. I’ve heard it even autodetects these devices for you in the newest linux version. So learn linux, ditch Microsoft. But if you don’t _want_ to do that, here are some pointers.

The switch for these devices is -S. Most of the guides and tutorials I’ve read for cgminer basically treat these miners like an Icarus FPGA device.

Here’s in  an example of a cgminer string to enable and use these devices (if you had devices registered as COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, etc):

cgminer.exe –icarus-options 115200:1:1 –icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S //./COM3 -S //./COM4 -S //./COM5 -S //./COM6

I was never actually able to get cgminer working at all with a single device on COM3. I attempted to exclude GPU’s with -G, I tried different drivers, it did not want to cooperate with me. So let’s try bfgminer, shall we.

I was able to get it online with the latest version of bfgminer by simply using:

bfgminer.exe -S all

This way it runs my GPUS and other devices also. So I recommend it. I’ve excluded the pool options and I assume you can add them yourself. Happy Mining!



Was it a dream, I’m sure, that brought the sun?
Awake, asleep, when dreams do come
Cold night, sad moon, please come undone
Shine tomorrow or bring me none…

And now day faded, blink blink, goodbye
No more light can shine, please dry your eyes
For as we sleep, we dream, we fly
The sun will return to hush your cries.

Sleep well, brave Son, kiss kiss, goodnight
For daddy is here to guard your light.

Was it a dream,…



I see coinabul getting a lot of grief on the internet. Let me provide some recent examples:

Here’s one. This one was discussed at length awhile back. I disagree with the general nature of the commentary; I think you catch more flies with sugar… but here is a final unfavorable critique in case we need more examples of customer outrage.

Secondly, I’ll go ahead and say my first order two years ago took nearly a month to ship, and Jay (or coingenuity, as some of us know him) was quite quick to respond and let let me know what was going on, IIRC it was a stocking issue. Eventually I did receive my metal and all was well. The price I locked in at time of checkout on has ALWAYS purchased EXACTLY what I have received in the mail. This fact is clear.

Fast forward to April 15th, 2013. I have successfully (and, without buyer’s remorse) purchased hundreds of coins worth of precious metals from coinabul. I decide to take advantage of these crazy funny money prices and pick up some metal that day; I believe we were flirting with $180 at the time I placed the order. This was previous to the $266 run-up by about 8 hours if memory serves me correctly.

I place on order and never click finish or “checkout”. If you’ve ever used coinabul’s site, then you probably know what I’m talking about and think I’m dumb right about now; I agree with you. Whatever, I was busy that day.

However, not only am I busy that day, but I’m busy for a month or so and forget about the order. When I finally start wondering what’s up with my order around May 1st, I talk to Jay, realize that I never actually placed the order with his site; I just sent him free coins. I provide him the details of the blockchain transaction. He searches for the funds and tells me he’ll get back with me later. He tells me this a few times over the course of a week. Understand this is over IRC chat; informal communication at best.

Long story short, coingenuity chases me down in private messages on IRC for two weeks trying to refund my bitcoins. Eventually, we get together on the matter and he says I can place another order or have by coins back. I’m elated with either frankly, even though my coins are now worth CONSIDERABLY LESS than when I placed my order at the height bitcoin mania.

Not in a position to order more metal at this time, I chose the coins.

I see things like poor communication and lack of customer support associated with Jay and the coinabul brand directly and have yet to experience it personally. I assume some of the displeasure comes from the volatility in bitcoin’s value in relation to precious metal’s value.

Wink, wink: read that buyer’s remorse wikipedia article I linked.

Sincerely, A satisified customer of coinabul.

coinabul! where bitcoin turns to gold!


monday synth

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind… So dark and foul I can’t disguise…can’t disguise

Nights like this
I become afraid
Of the darkness in my heart

What’s wrong with me
Why not understand and see
I never saw
What you saw in me

Keep my eyes open
My lips sealed
My heart closed
And my ears peeled

Holy shit my Monday just got better because of this synth masterpiece, remixed by CHVRCHES.

For one day only, I am now truly back in the 80′s. MS MR‘s slow, catchy hook has been sped up just a tad and the pop beat goes on and on. Also a lyrical masterpiece.

Protip: Enjoy your day.


bitcoin is winning


Charlie Munger: “I think it’s rat poison.”

Bill Gates: “[Bitcoin] is a techno tour de force.”

Warren Buffett: “I think either Charlie or Bill is right.”

Bitcoin was brought up this year by a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder at their Annual Meeting, the venue for which was the lovely CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Of our $49 billion, we haven’t moved any to bitcoin.”


dat slow trap

So chill. Check out 17 year old HU₵₵I on soundcloud and facebook.


                 [ slow motion for me, slow motion for me ]

Bonus track! I’ve been bumping this one for a while now.



Here’s a little powershell script I used to solve a problem where I needed to synchronize MILLIONS of files quickly and be notified about it promptly once the operation has complete.

Normally, I’d take machine snapshots or something but this backup is native and sadly, it happens at the file level; it also requires a Microsoft OS to run natively on bare-metal. rsync isn’t fast enough as-tested. However, 128 threads of robocopy flies right through it!

Robocopy starting with Windows Vista *SHOULD* support multiple concurrent threads with the /MT switch.

# PowerShell Robocopy script with e-mail notification
# Created by Michel Stevelmans -
# needed moar variables and threads [ edit]

# Change these values, name your job, configure the paths
$job = "BLAH"
$DateAndTime = get-date -UFormat "%Y%m%d_%H%M%S"
$SourceFolder = "F:\REPORTS"
$DestinationFolder = "\\UNC_PATH\TO\SHARE\REPORTS"
$Logfile = "C:\LogFiles\$job-$DateAndTime.log"
$EmailFrom = ""
$EmailTo = ""
$EmailBody = "Robocopy Job: $job completed successfully. See attached log: $Logfile for details"
$EmailSubject = "Robocopy Summary: $job for $DateAndTime"
$SMTPServer = "some.smtp.server"
$SMTPPort = "25"

# Copy Folder with Robocopy
Robocopy $SourceFolder $DestinationFolder /R:1 /W:1 /MT:128 /MIR /XX /LOG:$Logfile /NP /nfl /ndl

# Send E-mail message with log file attachment
$Message = New-Object Net.Mail.MailMessage($EmailFrom, $EmailTo, $EmailSubject, $EmailBody)
$Attachment = New-Object Net.Mail.Attachment($Logfile, 'text/plain')
$SMTPClient = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($SmtpServer, $SMTPPort)
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