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two track thursday trap trouble

Two trapped-out tracks tantalizing the tweeters in your speakers, or rather two instrumental bass tracks that are sure to take you on a musical journey.

Turn it up and let it play.

First up, Clicks & Whistles‘ epic trap beat, “Bear Mountain“.

K Theory has been on my radar for some time. Here is “Lights Out“.

That’s it. Free DL links for both tracks. Follow the artists.


two track thursday numero tres

Let’s go with rap music today, for the kids, you know.

First up on deck, Rockie Fresh’s “I’m Wit it”

Old-school hypnotic beat. Might even have some 808 to it, but I can’t be sure. I’m getting old and my ears do not work so good these days.

Rockie Fresh is rolling with the bawse himself – Rozay at Maybach, so watch out for him.

Here’s a video:


Next up, more freshness

The second track is by Skizzy Mars “Pay For You” ft. G-Eazy and Devon Baldwin

That one is a secret and I shouldn’t have shared it with you. Gah!

Anyways, until next time. Both tracks have free DL links.


“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future”

John F. Kennedy

In June of 1963, John F. Kennedy gave what some consider to be his most moving speech at the commencement ceremonies of American University.

This was after the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 that brought the entire world to the brink of nuclear war.


“Today the expenditure of billions of dollars every year on weapons acquired for the purpose of making sure we never need them is essential to the keeping of peace. But surely the acquisition of such idle stockpiles—which can only destroy and never create—is not the only, much less the most efficient, means of assuring peace. I speak of peace, therefore, as the necessary, rational end of rational men. I realize the pursuit of peace is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war, and frequently the words of the pursuers fall on deaf ears. But we have no more urgent task.”


“For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.”

tragedy as entertainment

Tragedy, in all of its forms, exists for historians, journalists, actors and playwrights. Scholars and dramatists study these things and attempt to learn and possibly teach us more about the tragic and how to avoid the pitfalls of tragedy.  We soak up the tragic as a lesson and pass these things down from generation to generation if the tragedy merits. So that which truly is tragic, ultimately we learn from. Entertainment comes in many forms. Entertainment can be overpowering and oppressive; sometimes you cannot escape what entertains you:


 noun \ˌen-tər-ˈtān-mənt\

1)   the act of entertaining
2)  a archaic : maintenanceprovision
      b obsolete : employment
3) a : amusement or diversion provided especially by performers <hired a band to provide entertainment>
   b : something diverting or engaging: as (1) : a public performance (2) : a usually light comic or adventure novel


So, What’s the point?

Not all entertainment is sunshine and rainbows; Sometimes it is a prison.

Someone may be entertaining you with death to keep you in paralysis.

Be careful with how you allow yourself to be entertained.


firesteel GobSpark Armageddon

I then proceeded to take it outside and test it:


Seems legit, can’t wait to start a fire with it. It’s cold and it’s late and I’m short on time. Can be purchased at Accepts Bitcoin!



ikr…Got it in the mail today. Totally dig it!

two track thursdays part deux

Drugs and Alcohol.

Most of the civilized world is exposed to drugs, whether they be legal or illegal. I do not condone drug use, but as a function of popular society, I cannot ignore cultural references to drug use in songs. Today present two songs that feature drug and alcohol use combined in powerful verse and glorified in the way that only lyrics can. Neither song is particularly new, but I doubt either has seen serious radio play yet.

First we have Cherub’s “Doses and Mimosas”

This song has sex with my ears when I listen to it. 

Somethings gotta give soon, Or I’m gonna lose it
Substance abuse it, And never come down
Fall off the deep end, And forget my English
What’s the point of language, If you don’t say what you feel
To all the bitchass hoes, That hate me the most – Oh yea I hate you too
To all the punkass fucks that just wanna talk shit – I hate you too
To all the high class ass, That’s too hard to pass – Oh yea I hate you too …
Doses and mimosas, Champagne and cocaine – Help to get me through


Second up, we have Wallpaper’s “Puke My Brains Out”

I cannot say enough about this song and the lyrics. The lyrics are complex, yet simple. Fresh. Your kids will sing this one day. I think it is an instant classic:

Bases loaded, I’m up to bat, based and loaded, imagine that
Still up and coming, haven’t came yet, cause I’m a zombie, bread dead.
Take Adderral to study, Adderall to party, pharm-a-ceu-ti-call-me,
Puke my proverbial brains out; Dali, Captain & Cola, psunami, in Bali.
Nope…. I’m in my apartamente, no A/C, muy caliente…
Late on rent-ay, but always on time, I got five on it… High Five!

or one liners such as:

Ass up, brains down, hold your hair back and listen to the sound.

White girls on Cinco de Mayo, College girls on the day after finals.

Prescription addiction to Internet porn / Generation of the living dead, trying to get born.

Drop it to the floor, touch your tonsils and clear your head.

Good Stuff. Check out the lyric video:


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