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Here’s a little powershell script I used to solve a problem where I needed to synchronize MILLIONS of files quickly and be notified about it promptly once the operation has complete.

Normally, I’d take machine snapshots or something but this backup is native and sadly, it happens at the file level; it also requires a Microsoft OS to run natively on bare-metal. rsync isn’t fast enough as-tested. However, 128 threads of robocopy flies right through it!

Robocopy starting with Windows Vista *SHOULD* support multiple concurrent threads with the /MT switch.

# PowerShell Robocopy script with e-mail notification
# Created by Michel Stevelmans -
# needed moar variables and threads [ edit]

# Change these values, name your job, configure the paths
$job = "BLAH"
$DateAndTime = get-date -UFormat "%Y%m%d_%H%M%S"
$SourceFolder = "F:\REPORTS"
$DestinationFolder = "\\UNC_PATH\TO\SHARE\REPORTS"
$Logfile = "C:\LogFiles\$job-$DateAndTime.log"
$EmailFrom = ""
$EmailTo = ""
$EmailBody = "Robocopy Job: $job completed successfully. See attached log: $Logfile for details"
$EmailSubject = "Robocopy Summary: $job for $DateAndTime"
$SMTPServer = "some.smtp.server"
$SMTPPort = "25"

# Copy Folder with Robocopy
Robocopy $SourceFolder $DestinationFolder /R:1 /W:1 /MT:128 /MIR /XX /LOG:$Logfile /NP /nfl /ndl

# Send E-mail message with log file attachment
$Message = New-Object Net.Mail.MailMessage($EmailFrom, $EmailTo, $EmailSubject, $EmailBody)
$Attachment = New-Object Net.Mail.Attachment($Logfile, 'text/plain')
$SMTPClient = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($SmtpServer, $SMTPPort)

tuesday music trio

Here’s a trio of tracks to entice you. Happy Tuesday!

I know nothing of these guys, just like the song. So there it is. I’m going to keep my eye out on these guys, you probably should to. I have that feeling, you know?

The Neighborhood is another band I really dig. They put out a track named “Sweater Weather” about a year ago which is basically like a teen lover’s anthem and such. Well, the original is awesome, but another band remixed the holy shit out of it. Here is Little Daylight‘s remix of Sweater Weather. Follow Little Daylight.

And finally,

Mayer Hawthorne‘s Designer Drug. Holy sweet jesus I think I was just attacked by a soul tornado.

My wife and I listened to this in the car yesterday and stared at each other and smiled uncontrollably. You should try it too.

Free downloads. Two times, bounce. bounce.





Late night information gathering has me feeling sympathetic.

While reading HN, I stumble across this. I was diagnosed at an early age and share in much of what William has said, however I suspect many do as well. Ultimately, I rode the short bus to another school for some time until I learned to socialize. I’m still experimenting to this day. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Never have I been medicated (sometimes I think I want to be) for ADHD/ADD and only now later in life have I come to appreciate the gift of an early childhood diagnosis and simply using other avenues to deal with it. I focus on small tasks, intense details and such. Broad strokes for me equals poor perception. I generally observe body language and situation-type details more than eye contact when recalling events, for example. Zero interruptions when performing tasks certainly helps. “Oooh! Shiny thing!” or LOUD NOISES are never helpful where matters of productivity are concerned. Getting bored with one thing usually just means I learn and do another thing. Stuffing my brain full of new ideas constantly helps.

I feel as though this comment sums up my little slice of experience somewhat well:

Congratulations. Now you know your brain just doesn’t work like the typical brain. And that’s a good thing. You can see things differently even if there are times when you can’t see things the same way the typical person sees them (social cues, body language, but you can still learn to pick those up). Use ADD to your advantage. I’m at least twice your age, but had a similar experience at your age. I’m still trying to finish school but it didn’t stop me from developing a career as a software engineer. I can personally attest that exercise and the “no sugar/low carb/paleo diet” mentioned by Dylan. Ambient and trance can also help at times. Lists, small goal, small breaks, help you practice focus. Medicine can help, but only in combination with behavioral therapy. Medicine has side effects, too. Many things will be harder for you to accomplish in a given amount of time while other times you’ll be amazed that others are so slow. If your ADD is documented and you are being treated by a medical professional, you can get extra time for assignments, lecture notes in advance, and other accommodations like a private room for exams where you can read out loud along with extended time limits. ADD isn’t a limiter to your personal success and happiness. It’s a challenge to which you adjust.

Bravo sir, excellent advice and I agree with you. I think you speak from a place of wisdom.

My only closing comment would be to choose your path carefully and seek help if you need it. The condition is manageable and you are not alone.

good love

I’d like to introduce a band I’ve been working with, Good Love:





Rock/Funk (slash rap, rhythm  and blues) band from Alabama is insanely talented.

The audio isn’t the best in the world, you know, because it was recorded live, but here’s a sample:

Rest assured! More is coming soon.

All in good time. Mainly this post is a lesson in cooperation across vast distances.  The band had some concept artwork, but it needed a nice polish to it. Enter talented, creative individuals and a friction-less economy.

Zinodaur is a superb graphic designer from Romania who I located promoting/selling his skills on the internet for bitcoin. The entrepreneurship of this younger generation astounds me. I had to test his skill-set.

original design

You can read his description here in his portfolio.

The band had 2 excellent ideas/concepts for logos and artwork.

Design #1

The first original design was quite good and we only wanted to clean it up and get it ready for print. The logo at the top of this page was the finalized design and we’ve been using it to mock up some t shirts. What do you think?

These are all still in the “research and development” stage, but some samples of this design have been ordered for a select few die-hard fans to perform “field trials“.

Design #2

The second concept was a drawing in the shape of heart on a sheet of lined notebook paper. The letters of the words “Good Love” were in the shape of the heart. I asked Zinodaur to take this design concept and also incorporate negative space between the lettering; a musical instrument; perhaps I asked him for “something groovy”.  He said this wouldn’t entirely be an easy job and it might take him some time.

3 days and 3 bitcoins later, he came through with this and we couldn’t be happier:

heart logo

tshirt coming soon!

So expect some of these available for purchase soon at a Good Love show near you. Right now, the plan is to sell them for $10 so we can break even.

They should be Available by the April 27th show coming up at The Crimson Tavern.


Talladega Short Track

teaser of the super late model racing at TST. my neighbor throws down out there. I like to film it.

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