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usb erupter tutorial

usb erupter

Getting the USB Block Erupter working on Windows 7

Test Build: Windows 7 x64

USB to Serial drivers:

If you are accustomed to the nuances of cgminer, maybe it is time to learn bfgminer, because it was WAY EASIER to get these working on my Win7 test build. I’m not hating on cgminer at all; I love cgminer. I’ve heard it even autodetects these devices for you in the newest linux version. So learn linux, ditch Microsoft. But if you don’t _want_ to do that, here are some pointers.

The switch for these devices is -S. Most of the guides and tutorials I’ve read for cgminer basically treat these miners like an Icarus FPGA device.

Here’s in  an example of a cgminer string to enable and use these devices (if you had devices registered as COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, etc):

cgminer.exe –icarus-options 115200:1:1 –icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S //./COM3 -S //./COM4 -S //./COM5 -S //./COM6

I was never actually able to get cgminer working at all with a single device on COM3. I attempted to exclude GPU’s with -G, I tried different drivers, it did not want to cooperate with me. So let’s try bfgminer, shall we.

I was able to get it online with the latest version of bfgminer by simply using:

bfgminer.exe -S all

This way it runs my GPUS and other devices also. So I recommend it. I’ve excluded the pool options and I assume you can add them yourself. Happy Mining!




bitcoin is winning


Charlie Munger: “I think it’s rat poison.”

Bill Gates: “[Bitcoin] is a techno tour de force.”

Warren Buffett: “I think either Charlie or Bill is right.”

Bitcoin was brought up this year by a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder at their Annual Meeting, the venue for which was the lovely CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Of our $49 billion, we haven’t moved any to bitcoin.”


a letter to my son

My Dearest Jackson,
This year, for your first birthday, I’ve given you a gift that I can only begin to describe to you. As you read this, the governments of men have succumbed to outside monetary influences. Things are changing rapidly. Freedom and unalienable rights have deteriorated into authoritarian regimes where banks that are “too big to jail” vie for political control. The money that I’ve lived with my entire life is in trouble. Planning for the future isn’t the same as it was a generation ago. Your Grandparents had it easy.


Somewhere, locked away in a forbidden kingdom; squirreled away in an envelope you will find a piece of paper with a lot of funny symbols on it, a bar code and some random text. This is no ordinary piece of paper, mind you, it is a offline bitcoin wallet containing the private key to 100 bitcoins. It is my hope that this gift might set you financially free one day to travel and enjoy your life as you see fit.

To explain bitcoin to you, as a child, might be difficult.  But…

In the simplest of terms, it is a system of currency and a digital storage of value like none other. Certainly nothing like I have witnessed in my lifetime. The properties and procedures of bitcoin can solve real world problems like voting and tokenization, but for now, we use it as money. Digital money that cannot be forged or reproduced by anyone…yet.

This means that you alone Jackson solely now hold 100 of the total 21,000,000 bitcoins scheduled to be distributed  by the year 2040, an equivalent percentage of 0.00047619047619% of all bitcoins that will ever be created. At the time of writing this letter to you, the approximate US Dollar value of this gift is about $4300, which is enough to buy you about 3 ounces of gold, or 430 pizza deliveries, or possibly even a used car. You may not understand the economics of holding a deflationary currency in valuation to an inflationary one now, but I imagine one day you will get the idea. Simply, this gift for you gets rarer with each passing day.

It is my sincerest wish to you, my son, that all of your wildest and most vivid dreams will come true. May you be the youngest member of the newest class of hyper-rich, world traveled philanthropic bit-kiddies to rule the galaxy. As soon as you are ready to take the next step, so am I. 

Dream in color and dance any time you want.

Your Da-Da

mining interlude

I’ve been busy with other projects…

However, this is something that is always happening around the clock; no matter what I’m off doing.

42.83 shares per minute across 2 more of these and I bounce around to whatever unit of work pays the most, per share.

Protip: each time you see the word “Accepted” I hear this “cha-ching” money sound in my ears.

A share is comprised of:

Block reward/difficulty = 25/2979636.6169381 = .00000839

So, per minute:

.00000839 x 42.83 =.000359

Per hour:

.000359 x 60 = .0215

Per day:

.0215 x 24 = .517

Per month:

.517 x 30 = 15.52 coins generated roughly every ~30 days.

That is so so so very sad. Multiply all of those numbers by $14 for a current US dollar value representation. None of this math takes into account variance or a constantly rising difficulty, so these numbers as a function of time are sure to decrease and yield less.

$217.28 monthly minus power. Facepalm.

Thankfully all of this equipment paid for itself in the first 90-180 days.

firesteel GobSpark Armageddon

I then proceeded to take it outside and test it:


Seems legit, can’t wait to start a fire with it. It’s cold and it’s late and I’m short on time. Can be purchased at Accepts Bitcoin!



ikr…Got it in the mail today. Totally dig it!

Donate to Wikipedia with Bitcoin

“In order to support Wikipedia and provide the Bitcoin community a way to express themselves, BitPay has setup a merchant account that will accept and forward donations to Wikipedia on behalf of the Bitcoin community. BitPay will automatically convert these into US dollars and deposit US dollars into Wikipedia’s bank account every day.  BitPay will offer this service at no charge to the donors or to Wikipedia.”

Bravo, bit-pay.


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