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a letter to my son

My Dearest Jackson,
This year, for your first birthday, I’ve given you a gift that I can only begin to describe to you. As you read this, the governments of men have succumbed to outside monetary influences. Things are changing rapidly. Freedom and unalienable rights have deteriorated into authoritarian regimes where banks that are “too big to jail” vie for political control. The money that I’ve lived with my entire life is in trouble. Planning for the future isn’t the same as it was a generation ago. Your Grandparents had it easy.


Somewhere, locked away in a forbidden kingdom; squirreled away in an envelope you will find a piece of paper with a lot of funny symbols on it, a bar code and some random text. This is no ordinary piece of paper, mind you, it is a offline bitcoin wallet containing the private key to 100 bitcoins. It is my hope that this gift might set you financially free one day to travel and enjoy your life as you see fit.

To explain bitcoin to you, as a child, might be difficult.  But…

In the simplest of terms, it is a system of currency and a digital storage of value like none other. Certainly nothing like I have witnessed in my lifetime. The properties and procedures of bitcoin can solve real world problems like voting and tokenization, but for now, we use it as money. Digital money that cannot be forged or reproduced by anyone…yet.

This means that you alone Jackson solely now hold 100 of the total 21,000,000 bitcoins scheduled to be distributed  by the year 2040, an equivalent percentage of 0.00047619047619% of all bitcoins that will ever be created. At the time of writing this letter to you, the approximate US Dollar value of this gift is about $4300, which is enough to buy you about 3 ounces of gold, or 430 pizza deliveries, or possibly even a used car. You may not understand the economics of holding a deflationary currency in valuation to an inflationary one now, but I imagine one day you will get the idea. Simply, this gift for you gets rarer with each passing day.

It is my sincerest wish to you, my son, that all of your wildest and most vivid dreams will come true. May you be the youngest member of the newest class of hyper-rich, world traveled philanthropic bit-kiddies to rule the galaxy. As soon as you are ready to take the next step, so am I. 

Dream in color and dance any time you want.

Your Da-Da

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