Josh Popham


# Lincoln High School – 1999, Salutatorian

  • Owned and operated Pentium Windows 95 clone. Built at age 14.
  • Assisted teachers and adults with computer problems whilst attending secondary school.
  • Lots of documented honors. National FFA semi-finalist, Beta club, all that stuff. By 16, I had dialed and logged every carrier modem in my hometown’s prefix for fun. Finished k-12 with 97/100 cumulative average according to piece of paper. References available upon request.
  • Part-time job at local grocery store throughout high-school. 2 years+ employment. References available upon request (this is going back a bit far though)

# University of Montevallo – (1999 – 2002)

  • Majored in pre-engineering, Mathematics concentration. Minor in late nights exploring the internet.
  • Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Epsilon officer.
  • Full time job on weekends (3x 12 hour nights) shoveling coal, operating heavy equipment and welding things at E.C. Gaston electric steam plant in Wilsonville, AL. UA Local union #91 – apprentice.
  • Student worker at UM computer support helpdesk. Lab hours, helpdesk hours. Logging tickets. Part-time.
  • Used FFA knowledge to design/landscape 400+ plants at Rocking J’s ranch in Lincoln, Alabama during Summer 2002. This paid the bills that summer and the owners still love the job I did 10+ years later. References available upon request.
  • Married my wife, rented our first apartment. I got the deposit back.

# University of Alabama at Birmingham – (2002 – 2004)

  • Studied Computer Sciences while bar tending and waiting tables at a local sports bar. Eventual promotion to assistant management position and exclusive bar shifts. 2 years+ employment. References available upon request.
  • Wife accepted to pharmacy school. Wife enjoys classrooms. Husband enjoys money and fruits of labors more than classrooms.
  • Rented second apartment, school and home relocation. Time for a real job.

# Mitchell Wayne Technologies – (2004 – present)

  • Hired as tier 1 support tech originally, taken business to whole new levels of customer expectations and services offered since 2004. Anything voice/data related is my game.
  • Installed first hardware router to replace Microsoft ISA 2000 server on fractional T1. Internally the company has grown from 2 servers to dozens during my term. Currently supporting a small internal datacenter with 6x 26U 19″ racks of equipment. Dual fiber-optic circuits from local carriers. Air conditioning with failover and temperature monitoring. Diesel generator. Monthly testing.
  • Have flown to places like Baltimore or New Orleans (and several other cities) to cut over businesses ranging from 10-50 users and migrated telephone/data from provider A to provider B during a weekend. Examples might include stuff like making sure the DNS A and MX records are correct and the phones ring Monday morning. When I say cut over, I mean to say that I moved the client’s equipment by hand and transported it like it was my own; I can get dirty. End-to-end project management experience.
  • Pioneered virtualization of hardware resources. Currently supporting a multitude of virtualized nodes in various locations across the US. Xen/KVM/Proxmox VE mainly. Please take the time to read about Proxmox VE if you have not. I admin a lot of PVE servers.  Sometimes I like to claim to be a Debian ninja, however I am also an MCSE certified by the almighty Microsoft herself. My certification is old, my expertise is not. I recently did some wicked Hyper-V work and deployed a collection of desktops for a Wyse thin-client setup for a client. Physical to virtual server migrations where businesses never miss a beat are not uncommon to me. Good bit of operational knowledge of Server 2012 at this point.
  • Have literally designed hundreds of networks in my head, visualized and committed them to paper, configured the equipment, documented the things and shipped them ready to plug-and-play or update/replace a client’s existing equipment.
  • Performed a SBS 2003 -> SBS 2011 migration once remotely on equipment in Colorado over an IP- based KVM for a 35 user firm. I prefer being there, but when I can’t be there; I work remotely like a boss too. Currently supporting many, many Windows servers. Other people’s jobs can depend on my performance and I am OK with that.
  • I am the “Helpdesk Manager / Senior Technical Engineer“. Emails and calls come in, I try to solve them. All of them, but it isn’t possible for me to help everyone at all times anymore. It is very stressful sometimes, but I am quite good at it and comfortable “in the fire” so to speak. I am a natural problem solver and I love to teach others.
  • This list is very long at this point and I’d like to keep any details about day-to-day operations discrete.

# Most recently…

  • January 2012, first child Jackson is born. I love being a dad.
  • Interested in cryptography and real-world applications of cryptograpy. Here’s my key if you would like to send me encrypted comms. I think bitcoin is neat. Distributed systems and issues of scale are challenging.
  • I keep a low profile in general. I’ve used the internet since 1995. These are not the droids you are looking for.
  • Not sure if incredibly vain or marginally talented. I love to be challenged. I very much enjoy working with stimulating and creative individuals, more so with each passing day.
  • Husband of 10 years, father for 14 months, car enthusiast for life, and verified member of the technocracy.
  • Email me and let me know what I can do for you. I want to get involved.

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